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PowerSteam Pro - The Ultimate Chemical-Free Steam Cleaner for Home and Professional Use

Experience the Ultimate Cleaning Power with Dupray One Plus Steam Cleaner - The Most Powerful, Chemical-Free Disinfecting Steamer for Your Home and Professional Needs!

- Disinfecting Properties: The high-pressure steam generated by the Dupray One Plus Steam Cleaner can also disinfect surfaces, killing up to 99.9% of germs and bacteria. This makes it an ideal option for households with pets or children, as well as for commercial spaces that require high levels of cleanliness.
- Portable and Made in Europe: The Dupray One Plus Ste

The Dupray One Plus Steam Cleaner is the most powerful home and professional cleaning tool in the market. It is a chemical-free, disinfecting, and portable steamer that can be used to clean cars, floors, grout, tile, windows, furniture, and more. This versatile cleaning tool is made in Europe and is built to last. With a powerful 1600W heating element, the Dupray One Plus can produce steam up to 303°F, making it a highly effective cleaning tool. The steam cleaner comes with a variety of attachments and accessories, making it easy to clean even the toughest of surfaces. Whether you are a homeowner or a professional cleaner, the Dupray One Plus Steam Cleaner is the perfect tool for all your cleaning needs.